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Wedding Planner
Salomie Tel: 082 690 0872
It gives us great pleasure to provide you with this collection of checklists to assist you on your planning of the great event. If you are not well organized, you could very soon be lost in a maize of papers, addresses, phone numbers, tasks that you should have done etc. Our planner provides you with a number of checklists that you could either use on your own computer, or you could print it, file it, and show everyone that you are well organized.

  • Guest List
  • Vendors
  • Budget Worksheet
  • Calendar Planner
  • Table Assignment
  • Choosing a Disk Jockey
  • Choosing a Florist
  • Choosing a Caterer
  • Choosing a Photographer / Videographer
  • Wedding Party Questionnaire
  • The Wedding Count Down

Wedding Planner
Salomie Tel: 082 690 0872
Wedding Planner @ R150.00 each