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Aluminium Pruner

A strong pruner ideal for extra woody tough stems.

Folding Knife

A curved blade for easy use. Cuts steams easily and efficiently.

Multi Purpose Scissors

Serrated jaws are able to cut through finer-gauge wires as well as stems.

Stem Stripper

Ideal for leafy stems when removing unwanted foliage. Handles provide excellent grip when conditioning flowers.

Carbon Blade Scissors

Carbon blades are sharper and last longer than stainless steel.

Knife on Card

Five knives on a card ideal for supplying staff in the workroom.


A strong easy to use and store Secateur for use when cutting stems up to 18mm thick.

Thorn Stripper

Grip a thorny stem between the metal pincers and bring downwards to clear the stem of thorns and unwanted foliage.