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Contract for Rentals

  1. Please be informed that we work strictly on a 1st come 1st serve basis due to limited amounts of stock per item.
    Clients must book at least 3-4 months before the function.
  2. Clients must first confirm EXACT amounts before booking rental items. No changes or swaps will be allowed
  3. To secure your booking we require a 100% deposit. No 50% deposits will be allowed!
    No refunds on deposits paid.
  4. Rentals can be collected on THURSDAYS from 2pm till 4pm.
  5. Rentals MUST be back on TUESDAYS from 9am till 11am.
  6. Mid-week rentals must be returned before Fridays at 11am.
  7. Penalties will be charged for LATE returns. Even if it is one day late! We work according to a strict schedule.
  8. All rentals must be returned CLEAN, mold dew free and wax free.
    We charge penalties for cleaning and a laundry fee for cleaning linen.
  9. If items are returned damaged consider it SOLD.
  10. It is the clients responsibility to check that chair covers fit on their venue’s chairs and table cloths fit on the tables.
  11. All rentals will be packed, bubble wrapped and marked.
    Clients will be responsible for all breakages, chips, burn marks and damages.
    Please be considerate with other people’s goods. Most of our items are limited, imported stock that can not be replaced.
    The next client is paying for an undamaged item.
  12. Clients must take time to check all items with a staff member before loading.
    We will not be held responsible for broken items if the goods have left the shop.
  13. Clients must sign when collecting.
  14. We reserve the right to hold back the deposit if goods are not returned on time, undamaged and clean.
  15. Wedding Party will not deliver or collect any rental items.
    It is the client’s responsibility.
  16. Please note that Wedding Party is registered with ITC and we reserve the right to do a credit check on all our clients.
  17. Clients who wants to collect on the Wednesday will be charged a penalty fee of R280 due to the fact that staff will have to work overtime to get the order ready.
  18. No damaged item(s) will be accepted back as we gave it to you in a good condition.
    If you break – consider it sold – immediate payment of the damaged goods will be applicable.
  19. Stock is packed in boxes with bubble wrap and needs to be returned in the same packaging – if not – fine per crate R100 and per wrap R30.00.
  20. Silver ware and glass will only be allowed to be transported in a closed car or van – and not on the back of unlined bakkies or trailers. NO COURIERS will be allowed to collect rentals without proof of insurance!
  21. No silver ware may be filled with water! It leaves water marks.
    Clients must use plastic flower bowls to do their flowers in or line bowls with Cellophane.